What do you need to confirm my private transfer?

You need to provide us with your flight/ train details , estimated arrival time, flight/ train origin, town where you are going and address of your private House or Villa.

When submitting your transfer request please specify town of departure (Lake Como is not a town) and town of arrival. 

How do I book my private transfer ?

You can simply send us an e-mail lakecomotransfer@gmail.com  and you will get a replay within 24 hours or you can call us at +39 3281319806

What happen if my flight or train is on delay?

If your flight or train is delayed for external reasons we do not charge you any extra but we kindly ask you to contact immediately LakeComoTransfers and we will simply postpone your transfer. 

Can I cancel my transfer reservation?

Yes, you can cancel your private transfer within 24 hours with no extra fee. From 24 hours there will be a 50% penalty fee. 

How do I pay for my private transfer or excursion? 

You can pay upon arrival in cash or credit card, gratuity is not included.